ss16A Solid State Shredder Image

With its push-button activation, the SS16-A™ Solid State Shredder shreds solid state media in less than 5 seconds. The shredder effectively reduces media to 16mm2 or less, and works on a variety of solid state memory types, including solid state drives, memory cards, thumb/USB and smart phones. At roughly 65db, the SS16-A™ is no louder than a household vacuum cleaner, providing a suitable solution for even the smallest spaces.



  • HEPA and carbon air filtration system
  • Bin full indicator
  • Senses and automatically adjusts to clear and prevent jams
  • Emergency stop button; blades are out of reach
  • A set of handheld pry tools are provided; operators are advised to wear puncture-resistant gloves and safety glasses (not included)


  • For the routine and emergency destruction of solid state storage media such as memory cards, circuit boards, thumb drives, smart phones and solid state drives
  • Simple, automatic push-button operation, designed for reliability, performance, and operator safety
  • Minimal footprint, scaled for operation on a table top or cart
  • Portable and convenient, ideal for small offices and emergency or field settings 


Turn it on and feed prepared media into the slot. Within seconds, the media is destroyed to a 5/8”particle size or 16mm x 16mm or smaller. The low-dust particulate is collected within the internal, easy-to-empty debris bin.


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