About Us

Digital data destruction is our mission, people are our passion.

Our History

Since 1985, Data Security, Inc.® has been the world leader of National Security Agency (NSA) evaluated degaussers and destruction devices for the Department of Defense (DoD). Through innovative design, we hold many patents for degaussers, magnetic field verifications, and destruction technologies. As data storage technologies continue to evolve, the NSA continues to develop new standards for erasing, sanitizing, and disposing of data storage media. We will continue to develop and deliver new products that meet the NSA’s evolving standards for emerging technologies.

Data Security, Inc.®, is an American-owned manufacturing company located in Lincoln, Nebraska, with a global customer base and a global impact on data security.

We design, manufacture, sell, and support our product lines:

  • Degaussing equipment to erase classified and sensitive data stored on magnetic tapes and hard drives
  • Destruction equipment used to physically damage hard drives, thumb drives, and solid-state storage devices.

Our products are reviewed for performance by the National Security Agency (NSA) and are listed on their approved Evaluated Products Lists (EPL).

Both the commercial and government sector look to the policies of the NSA for magnetic media sanitization and destruction. Our leadership in this area continues to open new markets outside the DoD to those governments and companies who must comply with security policies set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), as well as privacy legislation like Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

“Innovation happens when both our team and our customers can grow and thrive.”


Information Security Mentor

We maintain a relationship with government policy writers and technical experts in digital data destruction. This helps us stay well-informed of the latest guidance on magnetic media and solid-state media technology.

Engineer's Expertise

Our engineers have decades of experience designing Data Security Inc.®’s degaussers and destruction products in our Lincoln, Nebraska office.

Service Tech's Know-How

Our products are built right here, in-house and by hand. If an issue arises, you have access to our service technicians, who promptly solve your problems, providing parts, on-site service, or a replacement.

Forever Friend

We are here for you. Whether it is over the phone or in-person, we are here to support you or have a friendly conversation, even if it’s long after you purchase a product.

Guaranteed Security

What is the best way to guarantee security?
Keep it simple: follow the guidance published by the subject matter experts at the National Security Agency (NSA). Data Security, Inc.® works closely with these organizations to ensure our products exceed these standards.

Regulation Compliance

Are the products compliant with government regulations?
Our products comply with all government and commercial regulations to guarantee the security of your data. Our security professionals can explain these regulations and help you select which product to ensure compliance.

Save Time

How can we save time?
Our products degauss and destroy data in seconds, reducing excess storage and handling of data devices.

Save Money

How can we save money?
Reuse back-up tapes, sanitize crashed drives under warranty, and reduce labor and administrative costs associated with transferring media off-site.

Recycle and Upgrade

What happens to outdated or broken devices?
Send us your outdated degausser or destruction device for recycling; some models may be eligible for credit towards an upgrade.

Customer Support

What if we need help?
Data Security, Inc.® provides its customers with the best warranties available. Our warranty includes access to service technicians who promptly troubleshoot and follow up by phone and email. If needed, they will travel to you for on-site service and swap your device with replacement equipment.

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