Organizations need to avoid making headlines due to stolen media, improperly overwritten hard drives or poorly erased media. Implementing the right degausser solution for your organization will help protect your data from accidental release, your company from bad publicity, and avoid costly fines or litigation.

Benefits of A Data Security, Inc. Degausser:

  • Meet NSA requirements for sanitization of classified information.
  • Guarantee removal of data from magnetic media so that no known exploitation method can retrieve data from it.
  • Minimize security risks associated with storing excess sensitive/classified magnetic storage media.
  • Minimize the amount of sensitive/classified information and associated accountability.
  • Easily sanitize unclassified media contaminated with classified information.
  • Reduce the amount of administrative paperwork and procedures required to store and inventory sensitive/classified information.
  • Easily declassify media containing classified information.
  • Dispose of classified media quickly and in-house, without risk.
  • Save tax payer dollars with replacement of drives under warranty by removing information prior to return.
  • Meet HIPAA And GLB Act requirements for device and media controls policies and procedures that govern the receipt and removal of hardware and electronic media including:
    • Disposal
    • Media re-use
    • Accountability
  • Avoid costs and loss of revenue associated with stolen storage media.
  • Reduce risk.
    • Remove damaging emails, company proprietary information, customer profiles, and financial data to reduce exposure and risk of compromising proprietary information.
    • Prevent the retrieval of company information by data recovery services or software.
    • Protect employees from identity theft by protecting their PII (personal identity information).
  • Save money.
    • Erase inoperable hard drives before release (i.e. disposal, warranty repair, etc.) without voiding the original manufacturer warranty.
    • Recycle your outdated degausser with us and potentially earn credits towards a new device through our Degausser Take-Back Program.
  • Save time.
    • Reduce the amount of time and labor resources required to overwrite the information or destroy the magnetic media.
    • Eliminate merging client information by degaussing backup tapes before reuse.
  • Guarantee protection from:
    • Dumpster Divers
    • Media loss during transport
    • Employee theft
    • Improper media destruction (i.e. inferior degausser, non-Department of Defense approved destruction methods)