Buy from Data Security Inc. and get an information security mentor, an engineer’s expertise, a service tech’s know how and a forever friend.

Information Security Mentor:

Data Security, Inc. sales representatives go through extensive training on government, financial and health care regulations associated with Information Security, as well as alternative products and solutions. We maintain a relationship with the National Security Agency (NSA), the Center for Magnetic Recording Research (CMRR) as well as Non-Volatile Systems Laboratory (NVSL), in order to stay abreast of the latest guidance as well as magnetic media and solid state media technology. This makes us experts in the field, ready and willing to provide this valuable information to anyone who requires it.

Engineer’s Expertise:

Our engineers have a combined 48 years of experience, designing Data Security Inc.’s degaussers and destruction products in our Lincoln, Nebraska office. With our relationship with CMRR and NVSL, Data Security Inc. engineers have inside information to design products to meet tomorrow’s technology requirements. Being a small company, our customers have a direct line to the brains behind the products they own and operate.

Service Tech’s Know How:

Our products are built right here, in-house and by hand. If an issue arises, you have access to our service technicians, who promptly solve your problems, providing parts, on-site service or a replacement.

Forever Friend:

Our small town company is based on Midwest morals; we aim to create lasting friendships and relationships that reach far beyond the sales process.



Data Security, Inc. complys wih the six affirmative action requirements in 41C.F.R. 60-741.5(a) Executive Order 11246.

  • Guaranteed Security: Degaussing is the preferred method of sanitization by the Department of Defense (DoD) and National Security Agency (NSA).Data Security, Inc. works closely with these organizations to ensure our products exceed these standards.
  • Regulation Compliance: Our products comply with Government Regulations and Commercial Regulations to guarantee the security of your data. Our security professionals can explain these regulations to ensure your company’s compliance.
  • Save Time: Degauss and destroy media in seconds, reduce your risk with the convenience of sanitizing on-site and prevent excess storage/handling of classified media.
  • Save Money: Reuse back-up tapes, sanitize crashed drives under warranty, and reduce labor and administrative costs associated with transferring classified/sensitive media off-site.
  • Recycle and Upgrade: Send us your outdated degausser for recycling (some models may be eligible for credit towards an upgrade) and remain current with today's emerging media formats.
  • Customer Support: Data Security, Inc. provides their customers with the best warranties available. Our warranty includes access to service technicians who promptly troubleshoot and follow up by shipping new parts and walking you through installation, showing up in person for on-site service,  or by swapping your device with replacement equipment.
  • Made in the USA: Buy American and American's work.