Deployment Case Specifications

With a deployment case, you have the ability to safely take your degausser or destruction device anywhere it’s needed. Made of durable, impact resistant high density polyethylene with reinforced steel corners and custom molded interior, each deployment case includes a heavy duty, locking latch system for the safe transport of your valued investment. With durable wheels and comfort handles, roll your device to the media instead of hauling the media to you.

Case Dimensions Weight Telescoping Handle
DB-4000 Deployment Case 20” (508 mm) W by 20” (508 mm) D by 25” (635 mm) H 34 lbs
(15.5 kg)
DB-6000 Deployment Case 15” (381 mm) W by 15.5” (394 mm) D by 28” (711 mm) H 29 lbs
(13 kg)
HD-5T Deployment Case 32” (813 mm) W by 17.5” (445 mm) D by 27” (686 mm) H 55 lbs
(25 kg)
HPM-2 Deployment Case 24” (906 mm) W by 18” (457 mm) D by 19.5” (495 mm) H 46 lbs
(21 kg)
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  • Conveniently store and move your degausser/destruction device from one room to another.
  • Built to withstand commercial shipping and handling conditions.
  • Meets military deployment requirements.

Deployment Case Performance

  • Heavy-duty construction with reinforced corners
  • Rubber-coated wheels
  • Padded lift handles
  • Telescoping handle (certain models, see table)
  • Latches can be locked by adding a padlock (padlock not included)

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