DX-8 HDD Destroyer
Designed for simple, quiet and reliable operation, the DX-8 will thoroughly damage any hard drive. Within seconds, a hard drive is crushed in a waffle-like pattern which breaks and shatters media platters inside the drive. The mangled remnants drop into your waste bin for easy recycling and disposal. It is fast, easy, quiet, safe, and clean. 
The DX-8 is listed in the National Security Agency (NSA)/CSS Evaluated Products List for Hard Drive Destruction. As such, it meets DoD compliance guidelines for the physical damage of hard disk drive media as well as emergency destruction procedures. The DX-8 is not recommended for tape media.


  • Fast destruction; requires mere seconds per piece for a throughput rate of 1,315 hard drives per hour.
  • Durable construction with minimal maintenance. No parts to sharpen, oil, or replace like in traditional shredders.
  • Listed in the NSA/CSS Evaluated Products List for Hard Drive Destruction.
  • Can be seamlessly paired with the Data Security, Inc. LM-1 or LM-1C degausser to create a complete degauss and destroy system.

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Destroyer Specifications

  DX-8 DB-6000 DB-4000
Made in the USA by Data Security, Inc. Data Security, Inc. Data Security, Inc.
Destroyer Type Magnetic Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Bender Magnetic Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Bender Magnetic Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Bender
Operation Automatic (push button) Automatic (push button) Automatic (push button)
Max HDD Size 1.03” (28 mm) by 4.3” (109 mm) 4" (102 mm) by 6" (152 mm) by 2" (51 mm)  4” (101 mm) by 6” (152 mm) by 1.75” (254 mm) 
Destruction Time Seconds 8-12 seconds typical (method dependent) 12 seconds
Throughput 1,315 HDDs/hr - NSA tested rate 167 HDDs/hr (manual) or 256 HDDs/hr (automatic) - NSA tested rate 175 HDDs/hr - NSA tested rate
Mobility Wheels included Optional wheeled cart or deployment case available Optional wheeled cart or deployment case available
Weight 734 lbs (333kg) 69 lbs (31 kg) 100 lbs (45.4 kg)
21” (530 mm) W x 40” (1010 mm) D x 36.6” (930 mm) H (not including chutes)
9” (229 mm) W {13.7” (348 mm) with handle installed} by 11.5” (292 mm) D by 21.1” (534 mm) H 13.25” (337 mm) W by 13.75" (350 mm) D by 15.36" (390 mm) H
Power 208V/9A/60Hz or 230V/8A/50Hz Mechanical energy provided by human operator or cordless drill 120V/2A/60Hz or 230V/1.5A/50Hz

DX-8 Performance

The DX-8 is built to last with crushing components that resist chipping and dulling. Unlike traditional hard drive shredders, there are no parts to sharpen, oil or constantly replace. This provides uninterrupted operation, reducing down-time and maintenance costs. The DX-8 includes an easy to use jam reverse mode for continuous use.

The destruction mechanism of the DX-8 is housed deep inside the machine, safely protecting the operator from harm at all times. In the event of an emergency, a manual stop button halts the operation of the machine.

Department of Defense magnetic media sanitization regulations require the use of an approved degausser, at minimum. In addition, they recommend degaussing be followed by physical damage prior to disposal. For complete compliance, pair the DX-8 with the LM-1 or LM-1C degausser for a seamless degauss and destroy system.

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