We can help you identify the right degausser to completely destroy the information stored on your magnetic media (computer hard disk drives, laptops, server drives, backup tapes, audio tapes, etc.).

Degaussing Benefits:

  • Guaranteed Security: information is unrecoverable by any means, guaranteed.
  • Saves time: quickest form of data destruction for tapes and disks.
  • Saves Money: affordable options decrease costs associated with storage and inventory.
  • Readily available and can be done anywhere.
  • Testing options provide the checks and balances needed to be sure media is erased.
  • Recycle your outdated degausser with us and potentially earn credits towards a new device through our Degausser Take-Back Program.

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Which Degausser is Right For Me?

Finding the degausser that meets all your needs doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Our security professionals can assist you in identifying the right degausser to safeguard the disposal of information stored that’s stored on your magnetic media (computer hard drives, laptops, server drives, backup tapes, audiotapes, etc.).


In choosing a hard drive or tape degausser, it is important to consider the following:
Types of Media

What tape formats do you need to degauss? What hard drive types do you need to degauss? Not all degaussers can handle the same types of media.

Media Dimensions

Hard drives (HDDs) and magnetic back up tapes are available in a wide variety of sizes;  larger items do not fit inside all degaussers.

Date of HDD Manufacture

Do you have longitudinal (LMR) or perpendicular magnetically recorded (PMR) technology? This affects the coercivity, which indicates how powerful your degausser will need to be.

Volume of Media

How much media do you have to degauss and in what sort of timeframe? Do you have limited personnel resources or storage space so need to get rid of it as quickly as possible?

Manual or Automatic Operation

Are you in an electricity-free environment? Do you have the manpower to operate a manual degausser or would you prefer an automated system? Do you have any power limitations?

Mobility Needs

Do you need a portable device? Do you require a cart or padded shipping case to transport (or deploy) the degausser to the media?