In choosing either a hard drive destruction (HDD) device or solid state (SSD) drive destruction device, it is important to consider the following:

TYPES OF MEDIA: Is your media magnetic (i.e. traditional laptop/computer hard disk drives), solid state (i.e. cell phones, thumb drives, memory cards and solid state hard drives), hybrid (a combination of magnetic and solid state) or optical (i.e. CD-Roms and DVDs)?
VOLUME OF MEDIA: How much media do you have to destroy and in what sort of timeframe? A lot of pieces, or just a few? Do you have a secure way to store it until it can properly be disposed of?
DIMENSIONS OF MEDIA: Hard drives (HDDs) and solid state drives (SSDs) are available in a wide variety of dimensions; smaller drives can be stacked and crushed simultaneously.
POWER REQUIREMENTS: A manually operated device is silent and uses no electricity; maybe you prefer the speed and ease of an automatic device?
MOBILITY NEEDS: Do you require a cart or padded shipping case to transport (or deploy) the degausser to the media? 

Our security professionals can assist you in identifying the right destruction device to safeguard the disposal of information stored on your hard drive or solid state drive. Let us help you understand benefits of degaussing, current security guidelines and regulations, compliance requirements, the latest procedures from the Department of Defense and US Federal government, as well as the liabilities associated with improper sanitization techniques.