Degauss and Destroy for Secure Hard Disk Drive Disposal

Overwrite, reformat, or physical destruction alone, does not eliminate information recorded on magnetic media. Only a high-quality degausser can guarantee the complete erasure and protection of your data. Pair a Data Security, Inc.® degausser with a hard drive destruction device to add an additional layer to your security and guarantee complete compliance with the highest data disposal regulations.

Save when you purchase a hard drive degausser with a hard drive destruction device. Our products:

  • Passed performance testing and evaluation by the National Security Agency (NSA)
  • Are built to last; durable construction offers the you the longest useful life
  • Get the job done quickly; our products have the fastest cycle times for the greatest throughput
  • Have no parts to maintain or replace like in traditional shredders or other hard drive destruction devices
  • Are easy to operate with a simple push-button or effortless handle
  • Provide trouble-free, continuous operation
  • Are safe and clean to operate
  • Have the smallest footprint, reducing expenses associated with storage and use

With a wide variety of options to fit all levels of need, we can help you decide which Degauss and Destroy Duo is right for you.


High-Volume Duos

  • LM-1 Degausser and DX-8 Hard Drive Destruction

Mobile Duos

  • HD-5T Degausser and DB-4000 Hard Drive Destruction
  • HPM-2 Degausser and DB-4000 Hard Drive Destruction
dsi destroyed hard disk drives