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Protecting your vulnerable data from security threats.

Data Security, Inc.® provides data destruction solutions and support when security is of the utmost importance.

Every step of the way

From start to finish, we are there for you.

Our experts design innovative products and manufacture them all in one location. We then sell the product directly to you and are here to help train employees, troubleshoot problems, or install new components, long after your initial purchase. No resellers, no waiting for parts to ship in from overseas, and no off-shore customer service.

We design, manufacture, service, and sell the products ourselves to ensure top quality and customer care. Our team knows it all because we do it all.

We are the leading American manufacturer and supplier of degaussers and destruction devices.

Learn about what makes us unique.

Technical Experts

Since 1985, our engineers have been developing degaussers and destruction products. Our close relationships with the National Security Agency (NSA), CMRR, data recovery scientists and media manufacturers keep us up-to-date with the latest technology and guidelines.

Support After the Sale

Whether over the phone or in-person, our service team will help you troubleshoot problems and train employees, even if it’s long after you purchase a product.

Made in the USA

All our products are designed, manufactured, and distributed in the Midwest at our location in Lincoln, Nebraska, which guarantees quality and supports our American economy.

Digital Data Destruction is our Mission; People are our Passion.

Since 1985 Data Security, Inc.®, has used innovative design and development to remain the world leader in National Security Agency (NSA) approved degaussers for the Department of Defense (DoD).

1. First, We Listen

We provide a free security consultation to get a full understanding of your data protection situation. This ensures that you will only be buying a product that you need and can do everything your organization needs to be secure.

2. Educate & Provide Options

Our team will also walk you through any guidelines and regulations you may need to be aware of to ensure that your product is up to your industry’s standards.  We will help you determine the product that best matches your needs based on the type of media, the volume of items for destruction, and mobility needs.

3. Product Delivery & Training

Once the product is delivered, our in-depth manuals will walk you through the easy plug-and-play operation of the machines.  Our team is always available to assist you with any additional comments or questions; we are just an email or phone call away.

4. Ongoing Assistance

Data Security, Inc.® warranties are truly the best available. Our service technicians promptly troubleshoot problems and consistently follow up with support.  We provide parts, labor, and shipping, with service on-site as available, or by swapping your device with replacement equipment.

"When we needed to replace a competitor's degausser after about one year due to mechanical defects, we were able to take advantage of the degausser recycling program, which afforded us a credit towards the purchase of our HD-1 T degaussers."

– Compucom MDRC, Minneapolis, MN

"After calling everyone from the Government Printing Office to our Information Security Officer and still not finding the security specifications I was looking for, I called technical support at Data Security, Inc.® thinking they might. I was very pleased to speak with someone as nice, polite, knowledgeable and professional as the team at Data Security, Inc. They provided excellent quotes and explanations to justify the expenditure for the devices."


– Victor Novak, Hines Veterans Administration ITC

"I would highly recommend Data Security, Inc.® to anyone looking for a knowledgeable staff and the right products to fit any situation."

– Compucom MDRC, Minneapolis, MN

Deleting Your Data is Not Enough.

In a recent test of 200 discarded hard drives, 67% still contained owner data


  • Overwriting, reformatting, or deleting data is NOT considered secure because they frequently leave behind a trail of easily accessible data.
  • Surrendering this technology to an e-recycler or depositing it into a large community service donation can leave your data open to being accessed by others and compromised.
  • Our products are developed to National Security Agency (NSA) standards and guarantee that your vulnerable data is completely destroyed.

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