How to Destroy Old Smartphones and Tablets Safely without Risk of Fire

How to Destroy Old Smartphones and Tablets Safely without Risk of Fire

Destroying an old smartphone may seem easy. Why not just do a factory reset and throw it away?

The truth is, you need to do more if you have important information that you don’t want compromised. Smartphones house data that’s easily accessed even after smashing it with a hammer. The best practice is to destroy the phone’s circuit board and memory card. This can be done with a device approved for complete data elimination by the National Security Agency.

Is that all? No, unfortunately. The lithium-ion battery inside smartphones is a fire hazard, especially during destruction. Since these batteries are flammable, you’ll want to remove them first. Most current smartphone batteries are sealed internally and are hard to remove. Thus, we made the CR-4KR Solid State Media Cracker®. It can easily crack open smartphones and tablets to remove the battery and circuit board.

If you want to completely destroy your phone’s data without risk of fire, read on to see the device’s benefits.

Benefits of the CR-4KR Solid State Media Cracker®

  • Simple.  Easy operation.
  • Opens smartphones, tablets and solid-state media to harvest memory-containing circuit boards for destruction.
  • Automatic, push-button operation with adjustable chamber to accommodate a wide range of solid state media sizes.
  • Prevents common injuries that result from the use of alternative disassembly methods such as power drills, hammers, screw drivers and brute force.
  • Use of the CR-4KR Solid State Media Cracker® will extend the lifespan of disintegration equipment by reducing wear.
  • Supports existing security procedures to meet NSA, DoD and other government and commercial requirements for the destruction of information on solid state memory.


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Posted April 18, 2024