• Data Security, Inc. to be Featured on FOX's "Manufacturing Marvels" Manufacturing Marvels® airs on The Fox Business Network showcases American manufacturers, their products, as well as the companies’ processes and customer base. [...] September 2015 Full story
  • Hospital network hacked, 4.5 million records stolen Hackers have gained access to their names, Social Security numbers, physical addresses, birthdays and telephone numbers. [...] August 2014 Full story
  • NSA: Co-worker provided digital key to Edward Snowden A National Security Agency employee resigned from the agency after admitting to federal investigators that he gave former NSA analyst Edward Snowden a digital key that allowed him to gain access to classified materials, the NSA has told Congress. [...] February 2014 Full story

  • Target: Data Stolen from up to 70 Million Customers In December, the retailer disclosed that data thieves hacked 40 million accounts, stealing encrypted PIN data, customer names, credit and debit card numbers, card expiration dates and the embedded code on the magnetic strip on the back of cards. [...] January 10, 2014 Full story

  • Inadequate Electronic Disposal Protocols Can Lead to Security Leak. Even those with established processes could unwittingly initiate a security leak if they rely on wiping or degaussing hard drives, or handing over their e-waste to an outsourced recycler. Worse yet, some organizations might be stockpiling old technology with no plan at all. [...] December 10, 2013 Full story

  • USA: $1.2 million HIPAA settlement for photocopier breach Under a settlement with the USA Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) - announced on 14 August 2013 - Affinity Health Plan (Affinity) will settle potential violations of the Health and Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy and Security Rules for $1,215,780. [...] Full story

  • SSD data recovery “Everything or nothing” Data recovery has become harder with the advent of hardware encrypted, solid-state drives (SSD). The chances of recovery are far worse than playing Russian roulette. Interview with Adrian Briscoe, general manager Kroll Ontrack for the Asia Pacific region - “SSD drives may be faster but they can be deadly if they are hardware encrypted and data is erased. [...] June 26, 2013 - Full story

  • The Newest Weapon in the War on Data Breaches: The SSMD-2mm from Data Security, Inc. Data Security, Inc. has just unveiledtheir new SSMD-2mm Destruction Device which disintegrates solid state andoptical media to particles 2mm in size or smaller. The National Security Agency(NSA) has evaluated the SSMD-2mm Destruction Device and found it satisfies therequirements of the NSA/CSS 9-12 Storage Device Declassification Policy Manual. [...] April 4, 2013 - Full story

  • Data Security Inc. Releases HPM-2 Degausser Data Security Inc., Lincoln, Neb., has released its newest National Security Agency- (NSA-) approved degausser, the HPM-2. The HPM-2 is a permanent magnet degausser, which erases magnetic media. [...] March 12, 2013 - Full story

  • What Law Enforcement Can Recover From A Seized iPhone You may think of your iPhone as a friendly personal assistant. But once it’s alone in a room full of law enforcement officials, you might be surprised at the revealing things it will say about you. [...] February 26, 2013 - Full story

  • Big Data meets strong magnets or how a deluge of petabytes makes security paramount Thanks to the advancement of analytical technologies, banks have the opportunity to use big data to drive growth. With the right data knowledge and strategic partnerships, the possibilities to generate revenue is massive, but there are many challenges along the way. [...] November 27, 2012 - Full story

  • NAID Forms Task Force to Study Destruction of Information on SSDs Recently, NAID created a task force of respected electronics data destruction industry professionals and outside consultants to develop a standard for what constitutes “reasonable” destruction of information stored on solid state drives (SSDs). This task force will consider the attendant technology, knowledge, expense, and likelihood of accessing or reconstructing meaningful data. [...] July 25, 2012 - Full story

  • Overlooked Breach Prevention Steps Although many organizations are using encryption to protect data on mobile devices, they're often overlooking other important ways to prevent health information breaches. [...] February 2011 Full story

  • Can a Magnet Zap a Hard Drive as Depicted on Breaking Bad? Last night's season five premiere of Breaking Bad not only continued the adventures of milquetoast high school chemistry teacher turned drug lord, but also showcased a questionable feat of technology—using a super magnet from afar to erase the contents of a notebook's hard drive. [...] July 26, 2010 - Full story

  • Hospitals seeing more patient data breaches Network World - A bi-annual survey of 250 healthcare organizations shows that the percentage experiencing a patient data breach is up. And with the growth in electronic records-keeping, more of those problems are originating from laptops and mobile devices rather than a human slip-up in handling paper documents. [...] April 13, 2012 - Full story