DB-4000 Destruction Device

DB-4000 Destruction Device

National Security Agency Evaluated, durable, and a safe alternative to hard drive shredding. The DB-4000 Destruction Device is a heavy-duty hard disk drive (HDD) destroyer. Simply open the door and insert a hard drive. With single-button operation, the powerful blade of the DB-4000 Destruction Device descends on the media. With the force of 40,000+ psi, the indestructible blade presses down on the media, bending, folding, and crushing the delicate platters and circuitry of the drive, rendering it unusable and ready for disposal.


  • Largest chamber in an automatic destruction device, able to destroy oversized media formats as well as multiple pieces simultaneously.
  • Built to last; indestructible ram requires no preventative maintenance or expensive repairs.
  • Listed in the NSA/CSS Evaluated Products List for Hard Drive Destruction.

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Destroyer Specifications

DB-4000 Destruction DeviceDX-8 Destruction Device
Made in the USA byData Security, Inc.®Data Security, Inc.®
Destroyer TypeMagnetic Hard Disk Drive
(HDD) Bender
Magnetic Hard Disk Drive
(HDD) Shredder/Mangler
OperationAutomatic (push button)Automatic (push button)
MediaMagnetic Hard Disk DrivesMagnetic Hard Disk Drives
Max Media
4” (101 mm) by
6” (152 mm) by
1.63” (41 mm)
1.03” (28 mm) by
4.3” (109 mm)
Destruction Time12 secondsSeconds
Throughput175 HDDs/ hr - NSA tested rate1,315 HDDs/hr - NSA tested rate
MobilityOptional wheeled cart or
deployment case available
Caster wheels included
Weight100 lbs (45.4 kg)734 lbs (333 kg)
Footprint13.25” (337 mm) W by
13.75" (350 mm) D by
15.36" (390 mm) H
21” (530 mm) W by
40” (1010 mm) D by
36.6” (930 mm) H
(not including chutes)
Power120V/2A/60Hz or 230V/1.5A/50Hz120V/9A/60Hz or 230V/8A/50Hz