Degausser Certification

Degausser Certification

NSA Approved Degausser Certification Service

The National Security Agency/Central Security Service Evaluated Products List-Degausser (EPL-Degausser) states, “… though listed in the EPL-Degausser, customers that acquire these products should have them re-tested periodically according to manufacturer’s recommendations.”

Data Security, Inc.® recommends degaussers be tested every six (6) months during the first two (2) years of operation, then once per year thereafter.

Data Security, Inc.® can test the effectiveness of your degausser through our NSA Approved Degausser Certification Service. This service evaluates and certifies your degaussing equipment per the following guidelines, specifications and regulations:

•  NSA/CSS Specification L-14-4-A
•  NCSC-TG-025, Version-2
•  DOE Order 5637.1
•  DOD 5220.22-M
•  Army Regulation, 380-19
•  AFSSI-8580, Remanence Security
•  OPNAVINST 5239.1A

In accordance with the procedures established above, specifications and regulations, our certification service also includes the following:

•  A magnetic media tape test based on the equivalent rating of the equipment

•  Record an analog (worst-case) signal on a virgin tape

•  Send a test tape to the customer to be degaussed

•  Test the returned degaussed tape for remnant signal

•  Report the performance of the equipment to the customer in written form for equipment files

•  Report a PASS/FAIL result to the customer and provide documentation regarding said pass, or a diagnosis outlining possible causes for failure

Excluded Services: Data Security, Inc.® will only certify DoD approved equipment with an equivalent rating of tape and shall not be liable in the instance that customer should attempt to certify higher rated equipment with lower rated tape. Call 1-800-225-7554 for details.

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