DX-8 Destruction Device

DX-8 Destruction Device

Designed for simple, quiet, and reliable operation, the DX-8 Destruction Device will thoroughly destroy any hard drive. Within seconds, a hard drive is crushed in a waffle-like pattern that breaks and shatters media platters inside the drive. The mangled remnants drop into your waste bin for easy recycling and disposal. It is fast, easy, quiet, safe, and clean.

The DX-8 is listed in the National Security Agency (NSA)/ Central Security Services (CSS) Evaluated Products List for Hard Drive Destruction Devices.  It meets Department of Defense (DoD) compliance guidelines, as well as all government and commercial privacy and data protection regulations worldwide, for end-of-life data destruction.


  • Fast destruction; requires mere seconds per piece for a throughput rate of 1,315 hard drives per hour.
  • Durable construction with minimal maintenance. No parts to sharpen, oil, or replace like in traditional shredders.
  • Listed in the NSA/CSS Evaluated Products List for Hard Disk Drive Destruction Devices.
  • Can be paired with the Data Security, Inc®. LM-1 Degausser to create a complete closed-loop, one-touch degauss and destroy system.

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