LM-1 Degausser & DX-8 Destruction Device

LM-1 Degausser & DX-8 Destruction Device


Listed on the National Security Agency (NSA) Evaluated Products List for Magnetic Degaussers and NSA Evaluated Products List for Hard Disk Drive Destruction Devices.

Meets all NSA, Department of Defense (DoD), state, federal, financial, and health care regulations, mandates, and security guidelines for the disposal of media to avoid a data breach. 

A fully automatic, only one-touch seamless degauss and destroy system, providing rapid, continuous erasure and destruction, with a throughput of up to 1,300 HDD per hour.

Simple, automatic operation; designed for reliability, performance, and operator safety. 

Built with added security features and designed to last, requiring minimal maintenance.


Independent scientific testing confirms the LM-1 Degausser erases Longitudinal Magnetic Recorded (LMR) and Perpendicular Magnetic Recorded (PMR) hard disk media with a coercivity of 5000 Oersteds and magnetic tape media with a coercivity of 3000 Oersteds.1 

1. Erasure performance testing on hard disks with coercivities above 5000 Oe. and on magnetic tapes above 3000 Oe. in progress. 


Independent testing confirms the DX-8 Destruction Device meets DoD regulations for the destruction of magnetic hard drives.* With durable construction, the DX-8 is low maintenance--no parts to sharpen, oil, or replace like in traditional shredders. 

*The DX-8 is not recommended for all tape; contact Data Security Inc.® for information.

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