SS16-A™ Solid State Shredder

SS16-A™ Solid State Shredder

With its push-button activation, the SS16-A™ Solid State Shredder shreds solid-state media in less than 5 seconds. The shredder effectively reduces media to 16mm2 or less and works on a variety of solid-state memory types, including solid-state drives, memory cards, thumb/USB, and smart phones. Meet all regulatory requirements for data protection and data destruction, including but not limited to: GDPR, GLBA, HIPAA, FISMA, PCI Data Security Standard, NAID AAA Certification, NIST SP 800-53 and NIST SP 800-88.


  • Shreds solid state memory at a throughput of 40 pounds/hour.
  • At roughly 65db, the SS16-A™ is no louder than a household vacuum cleaner, providing a suitable solution for even the smallest spaces.
  • Senses and automatically adjusts to clear and prevent jams.
  • Internal HEPA and carbon air filtration system.
  • Emergency stop button; blades are out of reach.


Turn it on and feed prepared media into the slot. Within seconds, the media is destroyed and the low-dust particulate is collected within the internal, easy-to-empty debris bin.


  • Simple, automatic push-button operation, designed for reliability, performance, and operator safety.
  • Automatic bin full sensor and indicator.
  • Minimal footprint, scaled for operation on a tabletop or wheeled cart (sold separately).
  • Includes 3 disposable debris bags. Additional disposable debris bags sold separately.

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Destroyer Specifications

SS16-A Solid State ShredderSSMD-2mm Solid State
Media Disintegrator®
Made in the USA byData Security, Inc.®Data Security, Inc.®
Destroyer TypeSolid State Drive (SSD) ShredderSolid State Memory Disintegrator
OperationAutomatic (push button)Automatic (push button)
MediaSolid State Drives, Thumb Drives, Circuit Boards, Memory Cards, and Smart PhonesSolid State Drives,
Solid-State Storage Media, Smart Phones, Tablets, Memory Cards, and Optical Media
Max Media
Up to 0.6” (15.5mm) by
3.8 (97mm)
Up to 8” by 0.85
Destruction Time5 sec. per SSD or phone,
2 sec. per USB
Seconds per piece
Throughput40 pounds/hr (18kg/hr),
up to 720 phones,
720 SSDs,
1800 USB
50 pounds/hr - NSA tested rate
MobilityOptional wheeled cart availableWheels included
Weight315 lbs (143kg)1,180 lbs (535 kg)
Footprint31.1” (790mm) W by
27.5” (699mm) D by
21.2” (538mm) H
27” W by
42.5” D by
48” H
Power120V/60HZ/5A or 230V/50HZ/2.5A200-240V, 1 phase, 50/60 Hz, 6A