SSMD-2mm Solid State Media Disintegrator®

SSMD-2mm Solid State Media Disintegrator®

The SSMD-2mm® is a solid-state media disintegrator, designed for the safe and efficient destruction of solid-state memory such as solid state drives (SSD), smart phones, thumb drives and tablets as well as optical media formats (CD-Roms, DVDs, and Blu-Ray).  The SSMD-2mm Solid State Media Disintegrator® has been evaluated by the National Security Agency and is listed in the NSA/CSS Evaluated Products List for Solid State Disintegrators.


Built for reliability, performance, and operator safety, our SSMD-2mm Life-Extend® features save you money on expensive replacement parts and service fees. Shredders, grinders, and screens can be easily reused and/or adjusted for extended use. The internal brain of the SSMD-2mm Solid State Media Disintegrator® senses overloads and automatically reverses to clear and prevent jams. Simple routine maintenance and part replacement procedures reduce your need to hire a technician or place a service call.


The SSMD-2mm Solid State Media Disintegrator® has a small footprint, providing a compact and quiet, office-friendly disintegrator. It includes a self-contained, triple-layer air filtration system ensuring safe and odorless operation. With simple, automatic push-button operation requiring seconds per piece, the continuous duty cycle is durable enough to operate 24/7.



  • Unique, dual-stage destruction process ensures media is thoroughly shredded to a 2 mm particle size or smaller (ground to sand-like texture).
  • Unique SSMD-2mm Life-Extend® design saves you time and money by eliminating the need to hire a technician or place a service call for maintenance or repairs.
  • Self-contained, triple-layer air filtration system with Carbon and HEPA filters, ensures safe and odorless operation.

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Destroyer Specifications

SSMD-2mm Solid State
Media Disintegrator®
SS16-A Solid State Shredder
Made in the USA byData Security, Inc.®Data Security, Inc.®
Destroyer TypeSolid State Memory DisintegratorSolid State Drive (SSD) Shredder
OperationAutomatic (push button)Automatic (push button)
MediaSolid State Drives,
Solid-State Storage Media,
Smart Phones, Tablets, Memory Cards,
and Optical Media
Solid State Drives, Thumb Drives, Circuit Boards, Memory Cards, Smart Phones
Max Media
Up to 8” by 0.85
Up to 0.6” (15.5mm) by
3.8 (97mm)
Destruction TimeSeconds per piece5 sec. per SSD or phone,
2 sec. per USB
Throughput50 pounds/hr - NSA tested rate40 pounds/hr (18kg/hr),
up to 720 phones,
720 SSDs,
1800 USB
MobilityCastor wheels includedOptional wheeled cart available
Weight1,180 lbs (535 kg)315 lbs (143kg)
Footprint27” W by
42.5” D by
48” H
31.1” (790mm) W by
27.5” (699mm) D by
21.2” (538mm) H
Power200-240V, 1 phase, 50/60 Hz, 6A120V/60HZ/5A or 230V/50HZ/2.5A